No Credit Checks | The Layaway Depot way

Do you have bad credit or know someone who does? Are you looking for a new television but don't want to pay the full amount at the same time? At Layaway Depot we make all those problems go away! So how you may be wondering? At Layaway Depot, we offer weekly or fortnightly payment plans on some of your favourite products. Make a small payment each week or fortnight to pay off your goods on a given term. Layaway is not like using credit cards or interest heavy services you don't have to worry about late fees or interest rates. Layaway Depot does not charge interest and says no to late fees, as we all have tough weeks. Layaway Depot don't require a credit check. So don't worry if you have a bad credit history. All you need to do is to pick your product, click "Apply Now" on the product page and complete the application form.

Sounds simple right! It is! If you have more questions feel free to message our live chat and we will be here to help educate you on Layaway Depot!


To learn more about Layaway Depot watch our video "How Layaway Depot Work