Beurer EM55 Menstrual Relax TENS & Heat for Natural Menstrual Pain Relief Suitable for Endometriosis 15 Intensity Levels Rechargeable Battery Wear Under Clothes Medical Device


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Menstrual Relax+ provides relief from menstrual pain using TENS and heat

The little helper for period pain - the Beurer EM 55 Menstrual Relax+ combines TENS technology with soothing heat and offers women discreet and everyday help for alleviating abdominal pain. Flexible and comfortable, it adapts to any need and body shape.

- Can provide relief from menstrual pain and pain triggered by endometriosis
- Combination of TENS and heat
- Larger shape and heat surface for added warmth
- Easy to use and versatile at home and on the move
- 2 in 1: heat and TENS function
- Medication-free pain relief
- Discreet and snuggly thanks to ergonomic shape
- 1 heat program (43°C), 15 TENS intensity levels
- Heat and TENS can be selected separately
- LED display for the set function
- Up to 6 applications per battery charge (6 x 20 min)
- Indicator shows when battery level is low
- Application duration: 20 min
- Automatic switch-off and safety switch-off function
- Incl. 4 self-adhesive gel pads and storage bag
- Reusable
- Includes rechargeable battery and USB cable


Key Features

Flexible and comfortable
This product is suitable for all body types

Heat function
Heat function Combination of heat and TENS

Adjustable intensity
Intensity can be flexibly adjusted to suit the user's needs

TENS technology
Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation for pain relief without medication or side effects


How does the EM 55 Menstrual Relax+ work?

The Menstrual Relax is a self-adhesive TENS device with a heat function to provide pain relief for menstrual discomfort and pain caused by endometriosis.
TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) is the electrical stimulation of nerves through the skin. The transmission of pain into the nerve fibres is suppressed and the excretion of endorphins in the body is increased. These reduce the sensation of pain due to their effect in the central nervous system. This can alleviate or suppress pain.



Don't let your period stop you doing the things you want to do

Thanks to transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), the EM 55 effectively relieves menstrual pain and pain from endometriosis. The 15 TENS intensity levels can be variably adjusted to suit every need.


The pad has an optional heat function (43°C), which supports added relaxation during TENS application. The TENS and heat programs can be used separately to provide treatment exactly as you want it.


The soft and flexible design of the Menstrual Relax+ pad ensures that it hugs your body shape and is therefore extremely discreet. It can easily be worn under clothing and even on-the-go.



Proven efficacy of the EM 55 Menstrual Relax+

The efficacy of the EM 50 Menstrual Relax has been verified in a usage study of 59 women conducted by Institut Prof. Kurscheid.

- 96% of women would recommend the EM 50*
- 98% of women surveyed would continue using the EM 50 in future*
- >80% of women surveyed confirm that the device offered pain relief in the first three days of their cycle*

* Observational study by the Institut Prof. Kurscheid on the effectiveness of the Beurer EM 50 (same type as the EM 55 Menstrual Relax+) in the reduction of menstrual pain associated with primary dysmenorrhoea (PD) (RedSchmerz);

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Adjustable intensity


Automatic switch-off








Medical device


Pre-programmed applications

1 heat programme, 15 TENS intensity levels

Product designation

Menstrual Relax

Product dimensions (L x W x H)

approx. 235 x 115 x 20 mm

Product weight

approx. 82 g

Safety switch-off


Storage bag/box included in delivery


TENS (programme number)



Relief from period pain and pain caused by endometriosis

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$25 per week, a total price of $525. Delivery to your door after 21 successful payments!

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