Eufy Clean L60 SES Robotic Vacuum With Hair Detangling 5,000 Pa of Suction, iPath Laser Navigation Up to 60 Days Hands free Cleaning


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The Shark Detect Pro Cordless Stick has 4 ultra-intelligent deep cleaning technologies that detect & react to messes in your home. It automatically boosts power on hidden dirt, increases suction on edges and corners, optimises cleaning based on surface type and illuminates hidden debris-all combining to provide up to 50% better dirt pickup*.

Odour Neutraliser Technology guards against bad odours. After every clean, the Auto-Empty System charges and empties your vacuum.

(*based on ASTMF608, Eco vs. Boost)

Four Deep-Cleaning Technologies

Its 4 ultra-intelligent deep cleaning technologies detect and react to messes in your home, combining for up to 50% better* dirt pickup.

(*Based on ASTMF608, Eco vs Boost mode.)

Dirt Detect

Automatically boosts power on hidden dirt for better pick up and clean.

Edge Detect

Automatically doubles suction power on edges.

Floor Detect„

Senses floor types and automatically optimises performance.

Light Detect„

Auto-illuminates hidden messes in dark spaces.

Always Ready, Always Charged

Automatically empties and charges while docked, so it's always ready for the next clean. No more manual emptying after every clean.

Holds Up To 30 Days Worth Of Dust and Debris

Automatically empties into the bagless base, capturing and trapping 99.97%* of dust and allergens with True HEPA filtration.

*Based on IEC 62885-2 CI 5.14, down to .3 microns.

1000x Less Dust Exposure Vs. Traditional Emptying

Fine dust and debris get sealed away after every clean, keeping them out of the air you breathe - no more dust clouds.

Odour Neutraliser Technology

Guards against bad odours inside your vacuum for a fresher smelling home.

Self-Cleaning Brushroll

Actively separates and removes hair from the brushroll as you clean, helping to keep your brushroll hair and tangle-free. Perfect for long, short and pet hair.


Lithium ION battery delivers up to 60 minutes of runtime.

(*In ECO mode, tested at the hand vac.)

Multi Flex Wand

Provides flexible reach under furniture. This flexible wand bends so you don't have to. Easily clean under low-lying furniture including beds, sofas and coffee tables.

Never Swap Floorheads

The QuadClean Multi-Surface Brushroll automatically detects the floor surface and effectively tackles dust, pet hair and large debris.

Lightweight Power

The redesigned TurboDrive motor provides incredible cleaning performance in an ultra-lightweight vacuum weighing 2.7kg.

Redesigned Real-Time LED Display

Features LED rings that illuminate when sensors detect high amounts of debris, and change colours as the area is cleaned. It also displays real-time battery levels and mode selection.

Hepa Filtration and Anti-Allergen Complete Seal

Anti-Allergen Complete Seal captures and traps 99.9%* of dust and allergens** inside the vacuum, not releasing them back into the air you breathe.

*Based on ASTMF1977. down to .3 Microns
**Allergens refer to non-living matter.

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What's Included

Handheld Vacuum
Motorised Floorhead
Multi-Flex Wand
Auto-Empty Dock with Accessory Storage
Duster Crevice Tool
Wide Upholstery Tool
Pet-Multi Tool
Li-Ion Battery
1x Fragrance Puk


240 W
123 AW

Product Weight (kg)


Dust Cup Capacity

0.42 Litres
+2 Litres AED

Product Dimensions(cm)

L 27cm x W 33.5cm x H 111.5cm

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$25 per week, a total price of $375. Delivery to your door after 15 successful payments!

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