KENZZI IPL Multi+ Handset


$25 per week, a total price of $675. Delivery to your door after 27 successful payments!
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Kenzzi Multi+ is designed to deliver quick results, so you can see visible improvements in your skin in as little as one week. This means you won't have to wait long to experience the positive changes.

Revitalize Your Skin: Fast, Effective, and Pain-Free Solutions

  • Age Spot Reduction in Just Three Weeks
  • Rapid Acne Reduction Within One Week
  • Visible Hair Removal in Three Weeks
  • Enjoy Pain-Free Light-Based Technology
  • Swift 9-Minute Treatment Sessions
  • Effective for Hair, Acne, and Age Spots on Any Area

KENZZI IPL Multi+ Handset Features:

  • Pain-Free & Effective IPL: Kenzzi's advanced IPL technology ensures that you achieve these remarkable results without the discomfort often associated with other methods. You can confidently enjoy the benefits of clear, radiant skin without pain.
  • Permanently Removes Hair, Acne, and Age Spots: The Kenzzi Multi+ IPL Handset provides a holistic solution for your skincare needs. It doesn't just cover up imperfections; it permanently removes them. You can say goodbye to unwanted hair, acne, and age spots, knowing they won't come back.
  • Quick 9-Minute Treatments: Kenzzi Multi+ understands the value of your time. Its quick 9-minute treatments make it easy to incorporate into your daily routine without any inconvenience.
  • Continuous Pulse Mode for Quick Treatments: This feature allows you to accelerate your treatments, making them even more convenient. Quick and efficient, the continuous pulse mode ensures you get the results you desire in less time.
  • Large Treatment Mode for Faster Treatments: Cover more ground with each treatment, ensuring faster and more efficient results. Kenzzi Multi+ provides you with the tools to achieve the best results in the most time-effective way.
  • High-Quality, Ergonomic Design: Kenzzi Multi+ is not only effective but also comfortable to use. Its high-quality, ergonomic design ensures your experience is as pleasant as possible.
  • Detachable Power Cable for Easy Storage: Kenzzi Multi+ is designed for convenience. The detachable power cable makes it easy to store and ensures you can use it without any hassles.

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$25 per week, a total price of $675. Delivery to your door after 27 successful payments!

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