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- The headlamp is a high-intensity lighting device capable of causing eye damage to the user or others. Avoid shining the lamp directly into anyone's eyes.
- This headlamp will accumulate a lot of heat when used for extended periods, resulting in a high temperature of the headlamp. Pay attention to safe use to avoid scalding.
- Do not shine an object at close range to avoid burning an object or causing harm due to high temperature.
- The LED of this headlamp is not replaceable; so the entire lamp should be replaced when the LED reaches the end of its life.

Warranty: 5-Years Free Repair Warranty (Battery for 1 year)!

The upgraded version Fenix HP30R V2.0 is a rechargeable high-performance separate headlamp. The power comes from the two included 21700 rechargeable batteries that allow for extended runtime in an easy-to-recharge case with the unique ability to also charge your other digital devices as a power bank. The 3 unique LED's can all be used at once to disperse an amazing 3000 lumens that reaches over 270 meters. The versatility of this headlamp begins with the belt-worn battery case that allows for lightweight and comfortable design on the head. The unique ability to utilize both flood and spot levels at once provides you adaptable light. The HP30R V2.0 can be a life-saving tool to search and rescue professionals.

Headlamp size: 3.62'' x 2.20'' x 1.73'' / 92 x 56 x 44 mm
Battery case size: 4.21'' x 1.97'' x 1.61'' / 107 x 50 x 41 mm
Weight: 15.41 oz / 437 g (including battery and headband)
Battery Type: Included two rechargeable 21700 Li-ion batteries


- 3000 lumens maximum output; 120 hours maximum runtime.
- One XHP50 white light LED, 2*XP-G3 S4 neutral white light LEDs; with a lifespan of 50000 hours.
- Included 2*5000mAh Li-ion batteries.
- Integrated die-casting security and better heat dissipation.
- Rotary switch simultaneously activates spot- and floodlight modes.
- Dual interface for charging and discharging capability.
- Dual wearing way of battery case: can be clipped on the headband or can be belt-worn.

Operating Instruction:


- With the lamp switched off, rotate the switch clockwise, the lamp enters spotlight mode;
- With the lamp switched off, rotate the switch counterclockwise, the lamp enters floodlight mode;
- With the lamp switched on, rotate the switch to the off state to turn off the lamp.

Mode Switching:

- Spotlight mode: on floodlight mode, rotate the switch clockwise to the off state, continuously rotate to enter spotlight mode.
- Floodlight mode: on spotlight mode, rotate the switch counterclockwise to the off state, continuously rotate to enter floodlight mode.
- Spot&flood Mode: on spotlight or floodlight mode, single click the side switch to enter spot&flood mode, click again to exit.

Output Selection:

- Spotlight mode: rotate the switch to cycle through Low ?Med ?High ?Turbo.
- Floodlight mode: rotate the switch to cycle through Low ?Med ?High.
- Spot&Flood mode:
1, On spotlight mode, rotate the switch to cycle through Low ?Med ?High ?
2, On floodlight mode, rotate the switch counterclockwise to cycle through Low ?Med ?Note: The lamp does not have an intelligent memory circuit, each time it is turned on, Low of the spotlight or Low of the floodlight will be activated.

Battery Replacement: Open the cap to insert the battery in accordance with the polarity marks, then replace the cap and fasten the latch.

Charging the HP30R V2.0

- Open the cap and plug the USB Type-C side of the charging cable into the charging port of the battery case.
- In charging process, one indicator flashes: below 20%, one constant-on and one flashes: 20% - 50%, two constant-on and one flashes: 50% - 80%, three constant-on and one flashes: 80% - 95%, four constant-on: charging complete.
- When charging is complete, replace the anti-dust cap to ensure the waterproof and dustproof ability.


1. The normal charging time of the Fenix ARB-L21-5000 battery is about 4.5 hours from depletion to full charging, with the lamp being switched off. When charging, on/off and output selection can be used.
2. Recharge a stored headlamp every four months to maintain optimal Li-ion battery performance.

Power Bank Function:

1, Switch off the lamp, plug the USB A socket of the charging cable into the battery case, and then connect another socket of the charging cable to the digital device.
2, Single click switch next to the indicators to begin discharging (discharging current is 2A).
3, In discharging process, four indicators flash: over 80%, three flash: 50% - 80%, two flash: 20% - 50%, one flashes: below 20%.
4, When discharging complete, the indicators delay 30 seconds to go out to remind charging is complete. Be sure to close the anti-dust cover once charging is completed.

Battery Level Indication: With the lamp switched off, single click the switch to check the battery status, the indicators will last for 3 seconds.

- Four constant on: 100% - 80%
- Three constant on: 80% - 60%
- Two constant on: 60% - 40%
- One constant on: 40% - 20%
- One flashes: critical 20% - 1%

Note: This only works with Fenix ARB-L21-5000 battery.

Intelligent Overheat Protection: The lamp will accumulate a lot of heat when used at relatively high modes for extended periods. When the lamp reaches a temperature of 60°C or above, the lamp will automatically step down a few lumens to reduce the temperature. When the temperature drops below 60°C, it will then allow the user to reselect the modes.

Low-voltage Warning: When the voltage level drops below the preset level, the headlamp is programmed to downshift to a lower brightness level until Low mode is reached. When this happens in Low mode, the lamp blinks 3 times every 5 minutes to remind you to timely recharge or replace the battery.

Note: This only works with Fenix ARB-L21-5000 battery.

Headband Assembly

- The headband is factory assembled by default.
- Adjust the headband by sliding the buckle to the required length.
- If the headband is stained with sweat and mud, it can be washed directly.

Options for Wearing Battery Pack

On headband: clip the battery case in the holder on the headband. The headlamp with battery pack may be attached on a helmet with the included helmet attachment hooks.

Belt-worn: clip the battery case into the included stainless steel belt clip, the battery pack can be belt-worn together with the extension cable.

Usage and Maintenance for the HP30R V2.0

- Disassembling the sealed head can cause damage to the lamp and will void the warranty.
- Fenix recommends using an excellent quality Fenix battery.
- If the lamp will not be used for an extended period, remove the battery, or the lamp could be damaged by electrolyte leakage.
- Take out the battery to prevent accidental activation during storage or transportation.
- Long-term use can result in O-ring wear. To maintain a proper water seal, replace the ring with an approved spare.
- Periodic cleaning of the battery contacts improves the lamp's performance as dirty contacts may cause the lamp to flicker, shine intermittently or even fail to illuminate for the following reasons:

A: The battery needs replacing or recharging.
Solution: Replace or recharge the battery (Ensure the battery is inserted according to the manufacturer's specifications).

B: The contact point or contact of the battery or headlamp is dirty.
Solution: Clean the contact points with a cotton swab soaked in rubbing alcohol.

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15.41 oz. (437g) including battery and headband


Two included 21700 rechargeable li-ion batteries


Two Fenix ARB-L21-5000 Li-ion battery, USB Type-C charging cable, Four helmet attachment hooks, Three cable clips, stainless belt clip, extension cable, spare O-ring



Length: 3.62" (92mm)
Width: 2.20" (56mm)
Height: 1.73" (44mm)

Battery Case

Length: 4.21" (107mm)
Width:1.97" (50mm)
Height: 1.61" (41mm)

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