Shark WS632 LightWeight Cordless Vacuum WANDVAC System 1Kg Weight , Charging Dock Include , 2 Years Warranty


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Roborock Qrevo - It's the simple things.

Experience the simple pleasure of a smart cleaning, with Roborock Qrevo. With its powerful features and worry-free technology, the Roborock Qrevo makes maintenance, cleaning, navigation, and operation a simple thing.

Multifunctional Dock - Say Goodbye to Dirty Work

Make life simpler with hands-free cleaning thanks to the multifunctional dock, which keeps maintenance to a minimum.

Spins and scrubs the mop pads along the dock base to keep them clean after every run.

Dries the mops completely with 45°C of warm air, preventing the growth of mould and unpleasant odors.

Allows for up to 7 weeks[1] without emptying

Fills the water tank automatically for a max mopping range of up to 400 sqm (4305 sqft)[2].

Detachable Base
Easily remove the dock base for your cleaning convenience.

Dual Spinning Mops - Watch Stains Disappear Completely

Dual mops spin while pressing down, effortlessly removing stains and leaving you with a spotless floor every time.

- 200 RPM Spinning Speed[3]

Auto Mop Lifting - Mop and Vacuum in one Run

Mops automatically life when vacuuming carpets and returning to the dock so that floors and carpet are cleaned in one go, and no dirty streaks are left behind.

- 7mm Mop Lifting[4]

5,500Pa Extreme Suction - Keep the Mess Away

With extreme suction of 5,500 Pa[5] dust and dirt area easily captured from different floor types for an improved home cleanup.

All-Rubber Brush - Clean Fast Without Tangles

Say goodbye to tangled hair and hello to effective cleaning with the all-rubber brush, adapting to uneven ground for maximum cleaning efficiency.

Reactive Tech Obstacle Avoidance - Mesy Rooms? No Worries!

The Roborock Qrevo detects and avoids potential hazards easily, so you don't have to worry about picking them up off the floor before it starts cleaning.

Smart Suggestions for No-Go Zones - Risky Areas? Stay away!

For stairs and easy-to-get-stuck places, the Roborock Qrevo can detect and suggest them as 'No-Go Zones'. That way, you don't have to worry about it getting stuck or taking a tumble accidentally.

PreciSense® LiDAR Navigation - Smarter Than You'd Imagine

Scans quickly to know your home environment and creates detailed maps to find an optimal route to clean your home.

- 6x Faster - Quick Mapping[6]
- 3D Map Display
- Multi-level Mapping System[7]

Custom Cleaning Routines - Clean as You Wish

Set cleaning routines on the app to clean the whole house, specific rooms, or regulary used areas like your kitchen.

Voice Control - Just a Call Away

With Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or Apple Siri Shortcuts you can start cleaning your house or specific rooms simply by using your voice. It's super convenient and just a call away.

30% Faster Charging

Quickly resume cleaning with 30% faster[8] charging than before and get the most from low energy prices by charging during off-peak hours. Do your bit for the environment

- Off-Peak Charging

* Images and videos are for illustration purposes only and may not exactly represent the product
[1] Actual emptying intervals will depend on use habits and environmental factors.
[2] Based on internal testing carried out on hard floors with a full clean water tank in the dock using default mode. Actual results may vary, depending on room characteristics.
[3] Based on internal testing carried out by the manufacturer, when selecting extreme water flow in custom mode, the mops can spin at a maximum speed of 200rpm.
[4] Based on internal testing carried out by the manufacturer, the mops can be lifted up to 7mm.
[5] Based on internal testing carried out by the manufacturer according to IEC 62885-2:2021/5.11 standards, using Max+ mode with a full battery.
[6] Compared to Clean&Mapping mode. Actual results may vary according to the home environment.
[7] Up to four floors supported.
[8] Compared to Roborock S7. Based on internal testing carried out by the manufacturer. Actual results may vary according to the home environment.

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What's in the Box

Robot Vacuum (1)
Multifunctional Dock (1)
Mop Cloth (2)
Power Cable (1)
User Manual (1)

Box Weight

15 kg

Robot Weight

4.6 kg

Robot Dimensions

Robot:350*353*96.5 mm
Dock:340*487*561 mm

Battery Type

5200mAh Lithium Ion

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$25 per week, a total price of $525. Delivery to your door after 21 successful payments!

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