Welcare WAWF100 Aqua-Pulse Water Flosser 4 Pressure Cleaning Modes, 6 Interchangeable Nozzles Included


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The Welcare Aqua-Pulse Water Flosser is your go-to for optimal oral hygiene. With its pressurised water technology, four cleaning modes, and six interchangeable nozzles, this cordless device provides a deep clean for an improvement to oral hygiene and reduction of tooth decay. Safe for use in the shower and equipped with an auto shut-off feature, maintaining your oral hygiene has never been more convenient or effective.

Elevate your oral hygiene with the Welcare Aqua-Pulse Water Flosser, an excellent alternative to conventional string floss. This revolutionary device uses pressurised water in 4 distinct cleaning modes - Pulse, Soft, Normal, and Power - to effectively eliminate food particles and reduce plaque, promoting a healthier mouth and gums and cleaner teeth.

The Aqua-Pulse Water Flosser is specially designed to accommodate dental fixtures, from crowns and bridges to braces and veneers. It comes with six interchangeable nozzles, including standard, orthodontic, toothbrush, periodontal pick, and tongue cleaning options, for an elevated cleaning experience.

Lightweight and cordless, the Welcare Aqua-Pulse Water Flosser provides simple operation, whether you're using it in the shower or on-the-go. It features a large 310mL water tank capacity and 360° rotating tips for complete coverage. The device is powered by a rechargeable battery and includes an auto shut-off feature for battery conservation. Enjoy the convenience and portability of this all-in-one device as you maintain a brighter, more confident smile.

- Cordless
- Safe for use in the Shower
- Lightweight
- Auto Shut Off
- Rechargeable Battery
- 310mL Water Tank Capacity
- 360° Rotating Tips
- Convenient and Portable

4 Pressure Cleaning Modes

- Pulse
- Soft
- Normal
- Power


Please read all Safety Warnings provided with the product prior to using.

- DO NOT use the product with any electronic medical devices e.g., implants such as pacemakers; life support systems; or devices attached to the body such as ECG machines, as the product may cause the devices to malfunction which could result in death or serious injury.
- This product is NOT intended for use by persons with limited physical, sensory, or mental abilities or lacking experience and/or knowledge, unless they are supervised by a person responsible for their safety or have received and understand the instructions/ safety warnings for use of the product from this person in advance.
- The Water Flosser is NOT suitable for children under 10 years.
- This product is NOT intended for use by children without adult supervision.
- DO NOT let children play with the product.
- Keep the product and its components out of reach of children.
- Keep children away from the packaging material.
- Consult with your healthcare professional before using the product if you have severe dental disease.
- DO NOT use if you have an open wound on your tongue or in your mouth.
- DO NOT direct water under the tongue, into the ear, nose, or other delicate areas.
- DO NOT press the Tip Nozzle hard on the gums or teeth. Applying excessive pressure can cause damage the teeth and gums.
- Remove any oral jewelry prior to use of this product.
- The nozzles are single person use only.


Power Source - Rechargeable Lithium Battery Via USB Charging Cable


Please read the full Instructions for Use provided with the product prior to using.

1. Press the Mode Button to select the preferred Pressure Mode.
2. Lean low over sink and place the Nozzle Tip into the mouth. Aim the Nozzle Tip towards the gumline.
3. Press the ON/OFF Button to turn the device ON, allowing the water to flow between the teeth and along the gumline.
4. Move the Nozzle Tip gently along the gumline, pausing briefly between teeth to allow the water to clean the area effectively.
5. Start the cleaning process at the molars (back teeth) and work towards the incisors (front teeth).
6. Floss along the gum line, pausing briefly between the teeth for a thorough clean.
7. Gently tilt forward and keep your mouth slightly open to allow the water to flow freely form the mouth.
8. When cleaning is complete, Press the ON/OFF Button to turn the device OFF.
9. Empty any excess water from the Water Tank.
10. The Water Tank can be removed from the Main Body by sliding the Water Tank down towards the base of the unit.


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0.424 kg


7.4 — 8.7 — 24.6 cm

Boxed Contents

1 x Water Flosser 6 x Interchangeable Nozzle Tips 1 x Type-C USB Charging Cable 1 x Instruction Manual & Warranty Information

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$25 per week, a total price of $350. Delivery to your door after 14 successful payments!

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